What the Cloud Means to Finance and Why the Small Things Matter - A Risk Compliance Officer's Perspective

 Internal Budget Transfers

The race is on - cloud application services (SaaS) are expected to show 20.3% year-over-year growth, reaching $37.7 billion in 2016.  

What does this mean for the emerging world of modern finance? Organizations are ‘under’ siege from both legacy and modern software vendors who pitch all of the ‘perceived’ benefits and promises of the cloud. 

The story is similar - easier, faster, collaborative, more efficient or perhaps statements like ‘excel in the cloud - all the benefit, none of the worry’.  Some of these benefits are real but often are either misrepresented, over stated, under delivered or just benefit the office of the few.  

This webinar won’t address how the cloud is better/faster or how the magic of your finance team can be re-invented by the cloud.  The focus will be on considerations for picking the right cloud computing solution that will address your finance needs.  Here is what you will learn:

  • What really matters to finance when it comes to the cloud and cloud security
  • The components of a modern enterprise cloud and how it can help finance teams be more efficient
  • Not bits and bytes but how and why the small things matter (technologically) to the cloud

                                                                                Webinar Replay

Presenter: Dan Wesley, Risk Compliance Officer, Tidemark

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