The Best of Both Worlds: Tidemark Excel App for Microsoft Office

Witness the power of collaborative financial planning in the familiar world of Excel with the first fully immersed financial planning and analysis experience in Microsoft Office. The Tidemark Excel App for Microsoft Office combines the flexibility of FP&A spreadsheets and the ability to create narratives around organizational performance with FP&A storytelling. Maintain your existing process while engaging operations to gain insights, adjust course and drive higher levels of performance.

Model and Analyze Data the Way You're Used To

Get the Best Experience

Utilize a real-time planning and analytics platform that is scalable, secure and enables collaboration while maintaining the experience you're accustomed to with Excel.

Leverage a Single Platform

Maintain data integrity and access any kind of data in real-time without leaving the comfort of the Excel interface.

See the Impact

Run real-time models in both Excel and Tidemark to see immediate impact based on certain variances.

Unlock Analytical Knowledge Trapped in Spreadsheets

Improve Your Capabilities

Brainstorm your models and calculations quickly, refine them, and capture them in repeatable planning and analytics processes.

Unlock Trapped Ideas

Free your models and analyses that were previously trapped in a static spreadsheet and avoid the challenges associated with Excel connectivity, scale or performance.

Get Your Information to Everyone

Spread your FP&A insights to drive better performance across the organization by leveraging Tidemark's collaboration, in-context analysis, annotation, variance explanation, and modeling cloud infrastructure.



"The ability to automatically write-back into the Tidemark platform will eliminate countless hours of lost time and potential errors from exporting and uploading spreadsheet data."

Chris Garber, Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis and Investor Relations

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