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Close the Gap Between Financial and Operational Planning

Centralized planning done by a select few is quickly disappearing in a mobile-first, connected and collaborative workforce. In this new digital economy, finance teams need to engage with their business operations counterparts to leverage internal and external data for forward-looking analysis. Fall ‘14 delivers new capabilities that help modern FP&A organizations collaborate internally to make more accurate plans and better decisions despite ongoing business change.

Move the Business Forward

Correlation, Causation and Predictive Analysis

Leverage correlation for customer basket analysis on point-of-sales data to inform physical product placement and promotion strategies. Use predictive analysis to drive alternate forecast scenarios.


Access Core FP&A Capabilities for Adaptable Planning Processes

Dynamic Dimensions

Add, remove or update dimension members without file-based data imports to manage evolving product lines, employee hiring plans and cost center changes.

Business Initiatives Planning with Timeline View, Lookup, Impact Metrics and Drillthrough

Unify transaction level detail and summarized planning data while continuously monitoring the impact of each line item.

Dynamic Aggregations and Intersecting Hierarchies

Aggregate and analyze across hierarchies and attributes with cube-less in-memory computational services. Allow evaluation of enterprise performance based on hundreds of different attributes.

Real-Time Updates to Processes and Workflows

Make changes without impacting work in progress planning, budgeting and forecasting cycles while ensuring that planning and analytical processes keep pace with the ever-changing business environment.

Contextual Variance Explanations

Enable users to include textual explanations for individual variances that can be rolled up into narratives and reports.

Big Data Finance

Big Data Consumption and Analysis

Use detailed internal and external data (i.e. point-of-sales and Bloomberg commodity price data) to enable new insight into business decisions.

Better Business Decisions for Higher Accuracy in Planning

Support Any-by-Any Analysis

Enable your business operations counterparts in Marketing, Sales, HR and IT to self-reliantly gain a deeper insight into how products, departments, employees and regions impact financial performance.