Financial Consolidation

Tidemark Financial Consolidation & Reporting

Over the past few years, you have probably invested heavily into your consolidation process due to new regulatory standards. Most likely, you created a dedicated consolidation department to understand the segmentation of revenue. Despite these investments, spreadsheets and email are still the most commonly used methods to track and manage reporting on a daily basis.

Transform Financial Consolidation and Reporting into a Real-time, Collaborative Activity

Get a single real-time analytical and reporting environment for collaborative management consolidation and reporting. Leverage Tidemark's modern planning and analytics cloud to easily integrate all company financial, sales, customer, operational, workforce and Big Data from any source for consolidated reporting, analytics, as well as forward-looking integrated planning.

Modern Management Consolidation Process and Control

Tidemark Financial Consolidation & Reporting is an application of processes for management consolidation and reporting. When data is loaded into Tidemark, you can immediately view results and see the immediate impact of adjustments and changes.


Integrate with Financial, Operational, Transactional and Social Data for Management Analysis and Reporting

Tidemark Financial Consolidation & Reporting has connectivity to financial, operational, and transactional systems, as well as social and mobile systems. Tidemark automatically imports and integrates data from cloud and on-premise financial management, ERP, CRM, and sales systems.

The Tidemark Advantage

Give your finance team a baseline for managerial consolidation and reporting by providing preconfigured, flexible processes, business dimensions, analytics and reporting narratives.

Achieve the following benefits:

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