Plan and forecast accurately, make better decisions and
execute effectively  

Spring '17 delivers the modeling power and flexibility you need to build plans and forecasts that reflect the reality of your business. Intuitive and transparent modeling tools help you make better decisions in today's evolving competitive landscape. Insightful and engaging analytics help you align and focus the team on true drivers of business performance.

Plan and Forecast Accurately, Make Better Decisions

Intuitive and powerful modeling capabilities

  • Model transparently with intuitive declarative expressions. Eliminate opaque back-end procedures.
  • Model across realtime in-memory and stored calculation results seamlessly.
  • Intuitively build multiple what-if scenarios and anchor business decisions in robust analysis.
  • Save time and money by orchestrating and automating complex modeling and maintenance tasks and with ease.

Prediction and Correlation.png

Engage the Team, Execute Effectively

Engaging and Insightful Analytics

  • Align and engage the team to sharpen focus on true performance drivers. Combine finance and operational data and communicate insights with new infographic style narratives.
  • Get better insights. Drill into the details behind numbers, analyze and plan at a more granular level.


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