People Planning

Tidemark People Planning

Modern labor planning is not just about controllable expenses anymore. In today's digital economy workforce planning is also about winning the war on talent

Win the War on Talent without Losing Ground on Profitability

Bring visibility, accountability and what-if scenario analysis to workforce planning efforts with preconfigured processes, business dimensions, metrics, and analytics.

  • Track current and planned headcount budgets across all departments.
  • Analyze payroll, benefits and tax to pinpoint variables that correlate closely with performance.
  • Plan benefits, merit increases, and foreign currency exchange rates.
  • Leverage predictive modeling to see where you need to hire and retain, what skills to evolve, and how wage and merit changes impact overall business performance.


Provide a Picture of Performance Now and in the Future

Gain access to actionable insights into the performance of your organization so business activities and processes can be adjusted to maintain alignment with overall strategic objectives.

Leverage preconfigured, flexible application processes and Storylines, including some detailed metrics for each.

Incorporate Real-Time Data with Workforce and Financial Management Systems

For connectivity to other systems, Tidemark's partnership with SnapLogic enables data connectivity from the cloud and on-premise systems. The result is incorporation of real-time data for headcount and labor expense budgets and forecasts.

The Tidemark Advantage

Leverage a flexible, scalable baseline for headcount and expense planning with preconfigured, flexible processes, dimensions, and analytics built on Tidemark's modern, elastic planning and analytics cloud.

Achieve the following benefits:

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