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According to the International Energy Agency, the world's total primary energy supply has increased 119% from 1973 to 2012*. With such an increase in demand, energy corporations are looking to empower their employees and partners with data-driven decision-making so the organization makes smarter and faster decisions in supply, workforce and CAPEX planning.

With input from its portfolio of energy customers, we have packaged processes to help energy businesses break down data silos, align departmental knowledge, and build corporate budgets, plans and forecasts in real-time.

Real-Time Integrated Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting and Analytics Packaged Processes for Energy

  • Unify financial and operational data to improve efficiencies in finance.
  • Provide a single source of truth for the entire company by capturing large amounts of data from multiple levels throughout the organization -- from operations, human resources, marketing, and sales -- into one secure, structure environment.
  • Gain real-time pricing information up and down the management hierarchy (avg. price per barrel by Foreman, etc.) that merges production information with revenue data.
  • Do analytics on gross and net LOS (pre and post adjustment for ownership %).
  • Look at emission rates, unit-level and process-level optimization, LOS (lease operating statement), LOE (lease operating expense, BOE (barrels of oil equivalent) and more.
  • Create, Share and Showcase narratives on what's driving business.

Make Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting More Competitive, Predictive and Inclusive

  • Access all performance-related data to build or adjust what-if scenarios, develop real-time plans and predict forecasts that reflect daily fluctuations in power, well site conditions, oil and gas prices, changing payroll, operational costs and more.
  • Capture knowledge and experience from employees and business units at multiple levels within the organization.
  • Merge different dispersed business units with central headquarters to optimize decision-making and quickly realize value.
For EPM to travel beyond the world of finance and into lines of business, it is critical that it provide easily accessibility, engage all kinds of users and help them contribute meaningfully to organizational goals from their perspective. Achieving those objectives requires having product design in front of technology. Tidemark uses its cloud only model to further user engagement, offering multiple ways to consume, collaborate, and turn content into actionable insights.
— Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst, Ovum Research

Greater Agility and Self-Reliance

  • Input or adjust information directly into Tidemark on the fly and instantly see the impact it will have.
  • Bring more supervisors and foremen into the FP&A process with a self-service environment and empower quick time-to-action on P&L statements and clarifications.
  • Free individuals at the edges of the organization from relying on accounting and corporate departments for P&L statements and clarifications.

Budget Review

  • Easily and pro-actively review budgets to understand where money is being allocated and whether or not it aligns with the strategic goal of the entire organization.
  • If unseen external factors occur, adjust budgets within the Tidemark platform immediately.
  • Leverage a paperless platform that supports electronic authorizations and mobile devices, and provides a solid audit trail no matter what action is taken or on which device.



People Planning

  • Track current and planned headcount budgets across departments.
  • Analyze payroll, benefits and tax to pinpoint variables that affect performance.
  • Plan benefits and merit increases.
  • Leverage predictive modeling to see where to hire and retain, what skills to improve, and how wage and merit changes impact business performance.

ENGIE Group is a multinational corporation and an expert operator in the three key sectors of electricity, natural gas and energy services. The global company relies on Tidemark to capture large amounts of data from multiple levels throughout its organization into one environment, automatically structuring the information into context for the 152,900 employees on 5 continents and 70 countries for the no.1 independent power producer in the world. Regardless of location, all employees now operate under the same set of numbers, collaborating across different business units as they make decisions that drive the performance of their customers and their own organization.

Laredo Petroleum, which operates over 1,000 wells on more than 150,000 acres in the Permian Basin of West Texas. Before implementing Tidemark, Laredo Petroleum supervisors and foremen had to wait up to two weeks to learn how much revenue a particular rig was producing or whether it made financial sense to continue or stop drilling on a site. Today, managers and field personnel alike can access Tidemark’s modern-cloud, mobile-first platform to get answers to those questions immediately, enabling them to save expenses by taking the right actions sooner.

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Tidemark Planning and Analytics for Energy demonstrates how we’re able to apply our unique, modern cloud architecture to recognized processes in a particular industry so companies can realize superfast time-to-value on their FP&A efforts.
— Christian Gheorghe, Founder and CEO, Tidemark

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How is Tidemark is Different?

Tidemark's modern cloud architecture allows for unlimited dimensionality. This allows you to explore real-time data rather than work off outdated summary level transactions. Tidemark's intuitive user interface fosters collaboration between decision makers to ultimately act on the story behind the numbers.


Processing Power

  • Uses Apache Hadoop to process large data sets across clusters of computers
  • Leverages Spark to power high-level tools for predictive and machine learning capabilities

Unlimited Dimensionality

  • Access to as many CPU's and as much memory you want so you can analyze detailed data rather than summaries or subsets

Granular Analysis

  • Get to the low level detail in a data warehouse efficiently

User Experience and Process Framework

  • Expose all information with a mobile first user interface that gives finance the control they need to execute on data-driven plans



Not Enough Processing Power

  • Can't work with hundreds of millions of records in a data warehouse

Summary Level Transactions

  • Data is not a fully comprehensive view of what's happening within the organization


  • Can only work with the structure provided
  • Changes in the hierarchy can take a very long time

Excel-Based User Interface

  • Does not account for real-time data and collaboration is difficult (users can't share or contribute efficiently)

Tidemark's Planning and Analytics for Energy packaged processes strengthen its ability to help the world's major energy and production companies achieve greater competitiveness and growth. Tidemark Planning and Analytics for Energy supports upstream energy companies make budgeting, planning and forecasting much more inclusive so knowledge and experience is captured from employees and business units at multiple levels within the organization.

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