Drive Budgets, Forecasts, and Plans Using Real-Time Data

The Tidemark Platform uses the computing and storage elasticity of the public cloud to manage any data, at any scale, and run calculations in real-time. With an HTML5 consumer-like user experience, your organization can collaborate in planning cycles, run predictive what-if scenarios, and understand performance.

Secure, Elastic and Available

The Tidemark Platform is a powerful multi-tenant environment provisioned, configured and deployed for you to focus on budgeting, forecasting, and planning priorities. Tidemark uses Apache Hadoop to process large data sets across clusters of computers using simple programming models. Tidemark then leverages Spark to power high-level tools for predictive and machine learning capabilities. The Tidemark Platform integrates data across cloud and on-premise applications - including our native Workday integration.


High-Performance Queries and Unrestrained Computation

Tidemark delivers scalable high-performance computing capabilities that serve as the foundation for advanced analysis, big data management and real-time data access.

  • In-memory calculations - 10x faster than cubes-based platforms
  • Hierarchies and dimensions - Run as many as you want
  • Affordable scalability - Upgrade and expand with no capital costs
  • Tidemark Business Methods - Run computations like allocations, foreign currency translations and intercompany eliminations.

Your Business First

Tidemark's software stack is designed around the budgeting, planning and forecasting processes you already know. We configure our applications around your business processes so you don't have to learn new data architectures and systems. Featuring built-in and configurable processes, metrics, initiatives, dimensions and business methods, Tidemark applications allow you to work the way you want and empower your teams to build planning processes and monitor the impact of plan items in real time.

Visual Narratives To Understand Your Data

Tidemark provides interactive visual narratives that communicate the whole story easily and intuitively.

  • Storylines - Operational, finance and external data in an infographic-style format anyone can grasp.
  • Playbooks - Capture and share supporting documents, conversations and unstructured data. Identify and communicate revenue and growth opportunities.
  • Performance Panels - Contextual dashboards. Navigate anywhere to explore data and understand the root causes of variances.

Analyze Data in the Context of Planning and Forecasting Processes

The Tidemark Platform frees you to engage in any-by-any dimensional hierarchical analysis at the most detailed level. Predictive and machine learning algorithms equip you to identify correlations and causations so you can understand what drives your business.


Collaborate Within Context

Collaboration is an inherent business process. With Tidemark, finance and line-of-businesses can collaborate with one another on any device within the context of where you are and what you're doing.

A Consumer-Grade User Experience

To encourage participation at the front lines of planning, budgeting and forecasting, we built a consumer-grade user experience so anyone, not just finance specialists, can understand the details and participate in the process.

  • Mobile-First HTML5 Design - Delivers the same experience everywhere
  • Natural-Language Query and Filtering - Look for what you want, how you want it
  • Contextual Natural-Language Search - Results based on what you're doing now