Profitability Modeling

Tidemark Profitability Modeling

When you can understand and predict what is driving profit and why, you can make informed changes to FP&A processes, product offerings, pricing, customer targets, resource allocations and compensation incentives to outperform the competition. 


Make Profitability a Continuous Process in Planning Cycles

Model, analyze, and forecast profitability to understand how your organization is performing, what is driving or hindering profit and why, and how decisions will impact the future.

  • Model and analyze profit across any business dimension.
  • Create, compare, and collaborate on what-if scenarios.
  • Allocate and correlate cost drivers to customers and products.
  • Use predictive drivers for cost budgets and revenue forecasts.
  • Extend visibility of profit performance and plans to decision-makers.


Improve Profitability through Predictive Planning

Allocate costs at low levels of detail, look at profit in ways never before, and forecast profitability with predictive algorithms beyond traditional extrapolation of historical data.


Integrate Financial, Operational, Transactional and Social Data for Cost Budgeting and Profit Forecasting

Tidemark automatically imports and integrates data from cloud and on-premise financial management, ERP, CRM, and sales systems. From this data, profitability models are created, analyzed, enhanced with social, mobile, and other big data, and used for predictive revenue forecasts, budgets and forecasts.


The Tidemark Advantage

Jumpstart your profitability management needs with preconfigured, flexible profit processes, dimensions, and analytics.

Achieve the following benefits:

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