A Resurgent ReddyIce Grows its Margins by Operating in the Now

See how Reddy Ice completely modernized its use of technology to drive greater business performance and impose smarter controls on its leading cost drivers - resulting in more efficient service to customers and improved margins.

Tidemark presents real-time complex data using intuitive infographics so managers always have a current view of crucial performance indicators and can accurately forecast when demand will shift to adjust staffing or strategic decisions.

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Brown University Graduates from a Legacy Platform to Collaborative Planning in the Cloud

With four schools working from separate financial models and data repositories, Brown was struggling to maintain a unified strategic planning process that provided visibility across the entire University.

Brown's implementation of Tidemark eliminated time-intensive, manual processes. Brown can now seamlessly aggregate data from multiple users into one unified planning process and operating budget, effectively replacing several legacy solutions.

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Collaborative Solutions Leaves Spreadsheets Behind on the Path to Faster Growth

As Collaborative Solutions' growth accelerated, its manual budgeting and forecasting process built around Excel spreadsheets made it difficult for the company's FP&A operation to keep up with the pace of the business.

Collaborative Solutions transformed its manual budgeting and planning process into one that meets the needs of a growing enterprise.

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HubSpot Shifts to Continuous Planning, Finds Speed and Accuracy in Transparency

Countless spreadsheets, endless data reconciliation, and static, outdated reporting present significant challenges for companies.

See how HubSpot used analytics to achieve new efficiencies in reporting and communication, deep visibility into real-time trends in company performance, and far more accurate forecasts in just 90 days.

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