Enabling High Performance in the Era of Now

Spring '15 introduces the first financial planning & analysis application for subscription commerce, predictive planning & forecasting, and an engagement-driven user experience to optimize time spent on budgeting, planning and reporting.

Subscription Commerce Application

Analytics for Recurring Revenue Business

Identify, analyze, and understand key metrics and variances by customer, product and region for TCV, ACV, ARR, and MRR.

Revenue Forecasting

Build a revenue forecast that accounts for recurring revenue from existing customers, forecasts for new customers and renewals, and churn rates.

Pro Forma Financials

Run multiple scenarios, create forecasts and compare actuals integrated from your ERP to better manage and plan revenue, operating expenses, people, and capital expenses.

Predictive Planning & Forecasting

Search & Command

Get real answers in the form of reports, in-context dialogue, and new analysis by asking questions in natural language.

Exploring Context

Test historical assumptions and make better assumptions by freeing yourself from the cube paradigm with unlimited multi-dimension correlation and causation capabilities.

Machine Learning & Big Data Finance

Leverage predictive recommendations by accelerating causation and correlation analysis that uses all the data including unstructured data.

Proactive Intelligence

Know what's happening and react faster by letting your platform work for you via proactive notifications and root cause analysis.

Engagement and UX Enhancements

New UX

Enable everyone to analyze and manage their business areas through an even better, industry-leading UX.

Easy Formulas

Analyze and plan faster and simpler by creating your own analysis in the context of your business processes and tackling modeling complexity with a click.

Fast Reporting

Create department or metric-specific reports, Storylines and Playbooks through a natural language search engine to get quick, accurate answers in a user-friendly format.

Visual Planning

Adjust forecasts and variances through visuals rather than manual calculations by taking the coding out of planning.

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