The Insights You Need to Make Decisions That Matter

Our latest release advances the bold mission to transform the way visionary finance organizations make critical decisions. Spring '16 delivers capabilities to help modern modelers and finance and operations teams to model faster, understand the root cause of variance much faster, predict the outcomes of scenarios proactively and collaborate across the organization for deeper and more meaningful insights.

Contextual Modeling

Ground Decisions in Powerful Models Built with Ease

Model complex business scenarios with ease using rich contextual expressions. Avoid the limitations of rigid cube based models and opaque backend data manipulations. Our simplified experience gets you to value faster and reduces the cost of maintaining your model.


Prediction and Correlation.png

Instant Analytics

Make Better Decisions Faster, Improve Accuracy

Our immersive analytics experience enables finance and operations teams to instantly visualize information in the format that conveys the most relevant insights so they can collaborate, make accurate decisions faster and plan better. 


Deeper Insights

Understand What Really Matters

Explore the details behind financial and operational KPIs by any combination of dimensions and hierarchies to an unprecedented level of granularity. Machine Learning intelligently exposes the details behind KPIs to help you understand what's driving your numbers so you can sharpen your strategy.

Live Playbooks

Arm Executive Decision Makers with Live Information

Meet the future of the board book. Our all new and fully interactive Playbooks enables executive users to easily get at the insights needed to make much better decisions. Use Playbooks templates and significantly reduce the cost of producing and managing reporting books.

Self Service Editing of Storylines

Create Compelling Narratives that are Easy to Understand and Act on

Business users can now create stunning visual narratives with ease using our new intuitive authoring experience. With Storylines finance and operations teams can get aligned on KPIs and drive better execution. 

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