With Tidemark and Workday, all our headcount, forecast, and sales data is displayed as visual graphics that anyone at Reddy Ice can understand.
— Elliott Lester, VP of IT, Reddy Ice
With Tidemark, we have all our budget information and metrics stored in one place but accessible anywhere. And we’ll always have the latest version of the software without us having to schedule an upgrade with IT. We’ve been pleasantly surprised at how flexible Tidemark is, and impressed with the scalability of its computational cloud.
— Al Finley, Manager of Planning and Research, Shelter Insurance
In the Tidemark Product, we feel we have a product where users can collaboratively come up with a budget and make more informed decisions...
— Amir Mesarwi, Senior Director of FP&A and Procurement, Association of American Medical Colleges
Tidemark Playbooks are extremely innovative and we see a lot of opportunity to leverage them quickly. We envision using Playbooks to replace our Budget Binder and many of the other reporting books we currently use.
— Kristi Duncan, Senior Vice President of Finance, Ernest Health
With Tidemark, it’s all seamless within the same system. It’s easy to roll out the first iteration of a budget to a certain group and see the adjustments they made. Tidemark creates a workflow that allows us to see all those changes at a granular level so we can quickly identify what expenditures to approve.
— Robert Riggs, Collaborative Solutions, Vice President of Finance
We knew that our extremely tight time frame necessitated speed and flexibility in our analytics platform implementation. Tidemark provided us with a solution that legacy systems couldn’t.
— Robert Molina, Hostess Brands, Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis
Tidemark offers us the ability to put our analytics in the context of the business we’re trying to manage. We now have the ability to take our planning process and distribute it out to the edges of the organization to bring more people along the way with us. Enabling our business partners to use the solution frees up time for FP&A to focus on analytics and drive value for the business.
— Chris Garber, Vice President Financial Planning and Analysis and Investor Relations, Acxiom
Prior to Tidemark we were very excel-oriented and had time consuming processes. Now with Tidemark we’ll be able to manage complex processes faster, consolidate budget information, organize critical data by cost center, and visualize all of it to show and explain our plans and forecasts to our budgeting committee and executive team.
— Tina Workman, Vice President Accounting & Assistant Treasurer, Shelter Insurance
The Spring ‘14 Release is a great illustration of the strength of the cloud-first model with a provider that specializes in a specific area. This release has really potent and powerful innovations, like Business Initiative Planning, that will further our ability to forecast more accurately.
— Lars Crotwell, Vice President and CIO, Laredo Petroleum
Number one, it has reduced the time required for users to provide their plan inputs. Number two, it has improved accuracy. When you’re working in Excel it’s easy to make mistakes, and there are no controls over it. Number three, it’s allowing us to do faster analysis since all the additions and changes are stored as discrete data elements within a larger database. You can break your data down in many different ways. You can analyze it by region, by business model, and by quarter, and also compare among multiple scenarios and versions. With a static Excel financial planning template, we weren’t able to do that.
— Kimberly Gerard, Senior Director for Financial Planning and Analysis, Cerner Health