Complete Picture

Get a single view of the data by processing and visualizing operational, finance and external data with Tidemark Storylines.

Understand the Context

See the supporting documents, conversations, and unstructured data that went into the numbers to get the complete story.

Be Fully Informed of What's Happening in the Organization

Get a fully informed perspective and a complete picture with in-context analysis via Tidemark Playbooks, progressive disclosure and Storylines.

Drive Data to Outcomes

Run data-driven what-if scenarios to make smarter, faster and more informed decisions to immediately impact the business.


Success Story

  • 3 ERP systems feeding 15 G/Ls.
  • Numerous workarounds required for "C" level reporting.
  • Majority of reporting offline and distributed via email and Excel files.
  • Difficulty consolidating different levels of granularity.
  • Pulls from ERP and consolidates, stores and archives versions of historical and forecast data.
  • Management receives actionable reporting on business without waiting for analysts.