Work with modern, cloud-first solutions and applications that are accessible by any device, anytime, and anywhere.

Drive Self-Reliance to the
Front Lines

Put decision-making and insight into the hands of decision makers to break down traditional rigid silos and achieve new levels of speed, dexterity and operational rigor.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Deliver improved outcomes with powerful social and collaboration capabilities embedded in the business processes.

Stay Close

Run your company at the edges to benefit FP&A processes from the operational insight derived from employees at the front lines.

Work off the Same Numbers

Eliminate errors, silos and lag time by enabling everyone to work off a single set of numbers.

Success Story

  • Four schools working from separate models.
  • Older technology not easily adaptable to new state-of-the-art business models.
  • Stakeholders didn't have a way to track the impact of their decisions, let alone take strategic action with confidence.
  • Finance managers worked overtime to make sure each school's spreadsheets synced with University-wide assumptions.
  • Eliminated time-intensive, manual processes with a unified planning process and operating budget.
  • Decision makers collaborate within the same view of data.
  • Proactive and strategic forecasting process.