Born in the Cloud

Open new possibilities for FP&A with a multi-tenant cloud architecture that eliminates the constraints and compromises of the past.

10x Faster

Eliminate the need for cubes and deliver instant answers with unlimited number of dimensions and hierarchies to process data, numbers and calculations.

Eliminate Constraints

Process an unlimited amount of data and data types from internal or external data sources to deliver the complete picture.

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Our strategic alliance enables customers to rapidly and easily integrate the Tidemark Enterprise Performance Management Platform with a wide variety of data sources both on premise and in the cloud.
— Gaurav Dhillon, Founder and CEO, SnapLogic

Actionable Insights

Enable finance to run complex computations with results at the speed of business - and in the now - to eliminate the lag time associated with traditional FP&A.


Gain new predictive analytic capabilities to run complex simulations to help finance better see the future.

Speed of Innovation

Stop waiting for periodic releases and upgrades. Instead, access a continuous stream of new features, best practices and innovation from other forward-thinking companies.

Success Story

  • Used inflexible business planning and consolidation solutions.
  • Slow time to value
  • Needed to change entire chart of accounts, reduce SKUs, eliminate plans, and change delivery models.
  • Users have the depth of visibility by product, brand, customer and time period on a daily basis.