Engage people and automate business processes rather than conforming your business to cubes and spreadsheets.

Democratize FP&A 

Shift FP&A processes to the front lines of the organization to drive new levels of engagement, accountability, alignment and ownership of FP&A.

Drive Change

Free finance and operations from rigid data structures and cube models to enable high performance finance and transformational change across your company.

Leverage True Cloud

Tap into the accumulated best practices and knowledge derived from other forward-thinking companies and finance executives.

Success Story

  • Countless spreadsheets
  • Relied on FP&A horsepower
  • Manual approach led to too many errors.
  • Hundreds of hours integrating and reconciling data from different sources, auditing spreadsheets, and emailing reports.
  • Created structured processes to organize the collection, review and approval of input from business managers and monitor the various steps in the planning process.
  • More strategic, accurate and agile.